How do I choose the right carpet for my room?

First, think about how the room is used. In high-traffic areas, let’s say a casual lounge, you should go for well-balanced colours rather than very light colours. For rooms with outside or pet access, or where food and drinks are often served, you’ll want a low-pile carpet as it hides the tracks from frequent vacuuming. A soft, plush high-end rug can offer a lux look and feel for low-activity spaces like bedrooms and formal living rooms.

Why does my carpet appear to change colour in patches?

Naturally, there are a few spots that would have varying shades of colours within the same colour, it is called the natural abrash of the rug. Abrash refers to the uneven dyeing of the wool and it is supposed to be one of the beautiful aspects of a handmade rug. Secondly, it may be due to the fact that as carpet piles are pushed in opposing directions, typically from foot traffic, colour differences may appear. You can fix this by sweeping or vacuuming the pile in a uniform direction.

How can I get rid of the new carpet smell?

The best way to get rid of such a smell would be to air it out. We advise our customers to normally air out the rug in natural light for a day or two as the carpets are kept in the showroom piled on top of one another. The odour is due to wool being kept on top of wool over a period of time, as it may happen at showrooms or warehouses. The odour is not harmful and usually fades within 72 hours. You can speed up air circulation by opening windows and using fans.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

You may vacuum your carpet every day and for high-traffic areas, we recommend it. Dirt is the enemy as it becomes ground into your carpet and may pile up at the base (mostly wool). At a minimum, vacuum at least twice per week to keep your carpet in great shape.

Will the colour of my carpet fade over time?
Any handmade carpet when exposed to direct sunlight is bound to fade over a certain period of time. It is highly recommended to avoid direct sunlight to a rug for long hours on a constant basis. However that being said, a few hours of natural soft light is not bad for the colours of the rug.
Why does the colour of the carpet look different at home?
Lighting can change your perception of carpet colour, making it look like particular areas are lighter or darker than others. The lighting environment between a carpet retail store and your home may also vary, therefore we recommend that you take the carpet and view it in your home for colour before making your final purchasing decision (provided if it’s in the same city).